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Really... Really... BAD by SaneAsIam98
Really... Really... BAD
Soooooo... Anyone here watched the Sucide Squad trailer? I did! And I can't deal with the hype :D
Art: Me
Character: DC Comics
References used. 

Commisions OPEN


What can I do?

My art focuses on Digital Media and some Traditional (with pencils only) But for this commisions, I Will be only doing digital art.


Looking at My Gallery ,you can guess what I can and cannot do.


I Will Draw:


  • Characters (OC's, Fanart too - but not everything)


I Won't Draw:


  • Anything I don't feel confortable with: hentai, yaoi, yuri, anthro (but i can draw human characters with animal ears/tails/animal details), mecha, sci-fi, cars and other machines like that


If i didn't write something above, and you request for me something i can't draw, i will inform you about it in the note.


 How To Commission

Please send me a note or leave a comment with all the details on what you want to commission.


The note/comment must include:

  • Commission type
  • Reference pictures (facial features, body shape, specific things)



PLEASE try to avoid wall of texts - english is not my first language


The clearer  you are, the better I can make your commission.


Terms of Service



I start work after having received the payment. I take Paypal as payment only.

The prices listed below are not negotiable.


Permission & Reposting:

By commissioning me, you allow me to post the finished work on deviantART.

You as the commissioner have the right to repost it on DA,  but it must be linked and credited back to me.

Please do not repost it outside of DA without telling me.


Work Process

When working on a commission I will show the initial sketch and the line-art before completing the piece.

If alterations need to be made, I prefer you tell me this once I've shown you the sketch.

If the entire pose needs to be redone or you if you want a different, this will counts as a re-sketch and an extra fee will be applied.



If you need a refund for whatever reason, then you must request it before I've started your commission.

If I've already started, then I will give you a partial refund based on how far along I am.

Refunds are not given for completed pieces. If you have any concerns about the image, please voice them before the commission is finished.



  •  Lineart Without Background: U$$ 3,00

  • Portrait: U$$ 5,00 ( U$$ 2,00 per extra character) (U$$ 2,00 per simple background)

  • Waist Up: U$$ 8,00 (U$$ 3,00  per extra character) (U$$ 2,00 per simple background)

  • Full Body: U$$ 10,00 (U$$ 4,00 per extra character) (U$$ 2,00 per simple background)

  • Collage with photomanipulation: U$$ 15,00 per picture


What Will You Recive?

I will send you a digital copy of the original work, without watermark and in HighRes.


SaneAsIam98's Profile Picture
Amateur artist and writer. Currently working on a book.

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If you haven't already, be sure to check out of webmanga we host on here called Either World :) *Plug plug plug* (Kia told me to say that waaaah)
SaneAsIam98 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
You're welcome! I really liked your art style :D
I'm gonna check it, for sure ;)
P.S. I can't wait to see my characters in your style... Keep up with the good work! :)
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